NCB Launches New Health & Safety Management System!

NCB Launches New Health & Safety Management System!

Following on from their Food Safety management system launch in January this year NCB now release their Health & Safety Management System.  The HSMS is a framework that helps those responsible, manage health and safety in the workplace methodically. Putting a system in place in can make work activities safer, protecting both employees and your business.

Developed with our primary authority partners Horsham District Council, and our member advice service Safer Food Scores, this will help you ensure that your Health & Safety systems are up to date and provide a safe working place for your teams. 

John Mettrick MB. Inst.M, NCB Legislation Director, said – This is another great addition to what has become an essential benefit to any Craft Butcher, managing H&S in your businesses is vital but can be time consuming this makes it simpler and safer’.

Full members of NCB can register for Primary authority and benefit from our legally backed assured advice including a Food Safety Management System and Health & Safety Management System.

A reminder of why being registered in our Primary authority is vital for your business:

  • Greater clarity: As long as you are following the Assured Advice and Guidance from NCB’s Primary Authority partners, other Local Authorities can’t ask you to do something different. If a Local Authority takes or proposes to take enforcement action against your business, and this would be inconsistent with Primary Authority Advice that you are following, your Primary Authority would be able to block the proposed action. In addition, if another Local Authority has a question about the advice, or a different interpretation of the law, the Primary Authority will liaise with them to resolve the matter.
  • Commercial Opportunities: For those supplying other businesses then Primary Authority registration can increase their confidence in your business and processes. It can limit their liability and risk.
  • EHO Confidence: An EHO will judge your business against three criteria: Food Hygiene and Safety Procedures, Structural Requirements and Confidence in Management. Registration in Primary Authority and using the technical expertise of your trade association is a clear indication of good practice within your business and counts in your favour when EHO’s are completing your scores.
  • Reduce costs: For all businesses but especially those with multiple sites PA reduces the cost of burden of trying to comply with different councils’ interpretations of the law, ensures consistency across your business.

Contact NCB Head Office to get your copy of the Health & Safety Management System.

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