who are ncb


who are ncb

National Craft Butchers have over 130 years’ experience as Butchery Experts.

As a membership-based organisation, our members are artisans and skilled specialists, made up of independent butchers, farm shops, and small abattoirs, as well as key suppliers to the industry.

Our focus is to promote and enable butchers through a range of activities. Through our membership, links to Government, FSA, ADHB and internal resources, we provide expertise, support, advice, guidance and insight across a wide range of topics, ensuring we help each and every member achieve their goals.

We are the go-to trade association for independent butchers and meat industry in England and Wales.

We are owned and run by our members and all our income is reinvested for the benefit of the membership.

our history

history of national craft butchers

In 1888, The National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMT) was formed to promote all food traders and manufacturers including traders and manufacturing and processing in meat, poultry, game, fish, provisions, fruit and vegetables. Local Associations and Councils joined together to ensure their voice could be heard on the National stage. Over the years we have been fondly referred to as the ‘Federation’.

After becoming the NFMFT in 1888, the NFMFT changed its name in 2018 to National Craft Butchers, better reflecting the membership and activities supporting independent butchers.

We have over 130 years’ experience as meat industry experts.