Feed the family for less!

Feed the family for less!

AHDB highlight pork’s affordability with their new campaign message of ‘Feed the family for less’.

The latest campaign will run from 17th October to 25th November. Adverts will be visible online, across social media, and TV ads.

The campaign is designed to underline pork’s “affordability, versatility, and tastiness” and recipes promote pork for family meals. AHDB said its marketing campaigns are based on market data and consumer insights and this year is following growth in consumer demand for affordable meals.

AHDB pointed out that its previous campaigns have been successful at shifting consumer perceptions of pork to a “tasty, lean, and easy-to-cook meat.” Last year’s pork campaign recorded that 92% of consumers agreed its TV advert communicated pork medallions as “a healthy mealtime choice”, and 75% said they felt differently about pork medallions after seeing the campaign.

Consumer Insights: Reinventing online shopping for red meat

Share of online grocery sales is predicted to reach 11.2% in 2027, accounting for £1 in every £9 spent on groceries (IGD, UK Channel Forecasts, June 2022).

There are still a number of barriers for consumers purchasing red meat online. Pre-pandemic consumers were unconsciously moving away from consuming red meat.

AHDB commissioned research to understand how to better engage and communicate with meat shoppers online. Conducted by Linney in the first half of 2022, the research streamlined a range of communication ideas, generated in partnership with the industry, to develop mock website pages.

Key findings

  • Online platforms allow for flexible communication, which is required as a variety of messages are needed to drive different responses
  • For the homepage, the communication should attract shoppers to the category. This should be done through messaging that will be beneficial to shoppers personally, like leanness and quality, for example awards
  • For the search page, the communication should reassure shoppers on taste and reputational factors such as health, welfare or sustainability, and convert them to purchase
  • The product page should inform and inspire; here we can have the most detailed information on recipes, production methods and product credentials
  • Different messages should be dialled up or down for different meats and cuts, typically linked to price point
  • These findings hold universal appeal, regardless of where shoppers usually buy their meat – supermarket, discounter, premium or convenience

For more information:

AHDB’s ‘Feed the family for less campaign’: https://meatmanagement.com/ahdb-highlight-porks-affordability-with-new-campaign-message/

AHDB’s consumer insights: reinventing online shopping for red meat: https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/consumer-insights-reinventing-online-shopping-for-red-meat

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