The first meeting of the Executive Committee, 20th February 1901

The first meeting of the Executive Committee, 20th February 1901

The first meeting of the Executive Committee of The National Federation of Meat Traders Associations (Incorporated) took place on Wednesday 20th February 1901 at the Town Hall, Bedford, at 10am. This was following by the AGM at 12pm. Mr W Coggan of London was the President, and accepted the chain of office. You can see from the photo the gentlemen in attendance.

Here is a transcript of the Annual Meeting notification, including the Agenda, President and Treasurer’s reports. It’s interesting to see that the Federation had applied to the railway companies for discounted travel!

The National Federation of Meat Traders Associations (Incorporated)


W. COGGAN, EsQ.. London.

Hon. Treasurer:

W. RAMSDEN, EsQ., Rose Lea, Green Lane, Liverpool.

Hon. Secretary:


General Secretary:





LIVERPOOL, 5th Feb., 1901

Dear Sir,

I am directed to inform you that the Annual General Meeting of the National Federation will be held within the Town Hall, Bedford, on Wednesday, 20th February, 1901, at 12 noon. The Executive will meet at 10 a.m.

Enclosed herewith is Balance Sheet for 1900, together with Reports of the President and Honorary Treasurer.

Each Affiliated Association is entitled to be represented at General Meetings by 1 Delegate for every 20 Members; and at Executive Meetings by 2 Nominees only, I shall be pleased to receive at your early convenience the names of gentlemen delegated to attend from your Association,

Reduced Railway Fares for Delegates,- I regret to say my application for a reduced rate to and from Bedford has been refused by the various Railway Companies.

I am,

Faithfully yours,


N.B. Arrangements have been made whereby Delegates (by previous application to Mr. W. Wilkinson, 16, Rutland Road, Bedford,) may avail themselves of the following special Tariff at the Lion Hotel:-

Bed and Breakfast (inclusive) –   –   –   –      5s. Od.

Luncheon, Wednesday, Feb. 20th –   –  –     2s. 6d.


  1. To confirm Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held 31st January, 1900.
  2. To adopt Financial Statement and Accounts for 1900.
  3. To elect for the ensuing year a President, Vice-Presidents, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Auditor.
  4. To consider the withdrawal of various Affiliated Associations.
  5. To consider the question of Proxy-voting. Notice of Motion by Mr. COUNCILLOR RAMSDEN: “That in view of the fact that important Associations have withdrawn from the Federation, owing to their having been denied the right to vote by proxy, that, in future, Affiliated Associations be accorded this privilege.”
  6. To consider the admission to the Federation of Individual Members. Notice of Motion by Mr. MARRIOTT MORLEY, of Leeds: “That Individual Members be admitted to the Federation on payment of an Annual Subscription of £1 1s. od.; and that such  Individual Members have the same status and privileges as Representative Members.”
  7. To consider and determine as to what further action shall be taken in order to obtain Compensation for Tuberculosis seizures of animals bought bona-fide.
  8. Complaint by St. Helens Association re delay in obtaining delivery of pigs purchased at Whitchurch and other markets owing to the necessity for a special permit.
  9. To receive applications for affiliation from various Associations.
  10. Next place of Meeting, and any other business.

Presidents Report

In presenting the first Report, as required by the Articles of Association, your President congratulates the Members of the National Federation of Meat Traders’ Associations upon the very successful manner in which the important and desirable step of Incorporation has been accomplished, thus limiting the liability of its members to the smallest degree, at the same time giving the Organization that status to which it was justly entitled.

Much consideration has been given to the Articles of Association, and it is with the deepest regret we have to record the fact that a few important Societies have taken exception thereto, and have withdrawn from the Federation in consequence. It is the earnest hope of your President that means may be devised of again bringing them within the fold.

During the year several important cases affecting the interests of individual traders have been dealt with, but through the vigilance of the local Societies connected therewith, no serious loss has fortunately to be recorded.

The half-yearly meeting at Scarborough was one of the most encouraging that has yet taken place, and cannot fail to be of lasting benefit to the trade.

The all-important subject of Tuberculosis has been kept well to the front, and it is confidently expected that good results will soon be obtained, as a just reward for the patient exertions of the Federation.

W. COGGAN, President

Honorary Treasurer’s Report

In submitting to you this, my first Balance Sheet, I regret to say I am not financially as well off as I should like to be; but the following explanation will, I hope, suffice. During the past year we have sustained extraordinary expenditure in the Incorporation of our Federation, having paid on account of Solicitor’s costs in regard thereto the sum of £50, and for printing; £20 8s. rod.

To the same source is attributable increased accounts for travelling expenses and postages, in order to explain to various Associations the provisions of the Articles of Association, to which in many cases exception was taken, and in many more misconceptions occurred. I confidently hope that in the coming years, with no such extraordinary expenditure to meet, coupled with the payment of subscriptions at the rate of 1/- per member, the General Working Account will show a considerable balance to credit.

Defence Fund

After payment of £140 to King’s Lynn and £100 to Scarborough, this Fund has a credit balance of £147 3s. 3d. That it is not very much larger is, I regret to say, owing to the fact that the levy of gist January last year has not been responded to as I had wished. It will be noticed this Fund received a handsome addition from the Draw for Portrait in Oils of the late Duke of Wellington, kindly presented by Mr. James Crabtree, of Birkenhead, to whom our best thanks are due.

W. RAMSDEN, Hon. Treasurer

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