NCB New Comprehensive Trading Standards Advice Launches Today

NCB New Comprehensive Trading Standards Advice Launches Today

The latest in National Craft Butchers assured advice manuals launches today. Following on from our Food Safety Management System and Health and Safety Management System this latest manual provides comprehensive legally backed advice for retail, catering and wholesale butchers.

Natashas Law launched in 2021 bringing an increased focus on allergens and labelling in butchers’ shops across England and Wales.

The FSA released a report on the impact two years later in Summer 2023 which surveyed 900 businesses, 1809 consumers and 398 local authorities.

Half of these businesses said that new labelling requirements had increased costs and almost a third felt they needed more information to comply with the new legislation.

By contrast NCB members had access to the NCB Natashas Law Guide, with the result being that 92% of craft butchers stating they were compliant compared to just 66% of the businesses who responded to the FSA survey.

Butchers also recognised the need for increased vigilance across all labelling in their businesses. Luckily, NCB were on hand to advise, calls to the NCB advice line regarding labelling doubled in 2022.

In response NCB contacted East Sussex Council to investigate forming a coordinated partnership to offer Assured Trading Standards Advice to its members. The partnership was approved by the Secretary of State in late 2022 and work on the advice started last year.

Developed with our Primary Authority partners East Sussex Council, and our member advice service Safer Food Scores, this is intended as a one-stop reference guide for members and their teams, providing the guidance to ensure that if correctly followed, both compliance and best practice standards are achieved in their business.

’This is essential information for NCB members and butchers throughout England. Assured Advice provides peace of mind and helps ensure your business is legally compliant. It offers protection and will help you train your team.’

David Gigli, NCB President

 ‘Having formed one of the first coordinated partnerships in the country back in 2013 it has been a delight to extend this and embark on this new coordinated partnership with East Sussex Council. NCB’s assured advice will now cover Trading Standards, Food Safety and Health & Safety and is an essential benefit to any Craft Butcher.’ 

Eleanor O’Brien, Managing Director

The Trading Standards Manual is available to Full NCB members via the website. For more information on Primary Authority or NCB membership contact NCB Head Office at or call 01892 541412.

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