NCB Launches new food hygiene management system

NCB Launches new food hygiene management system

Since launching our award-winning coordinated partnership with Horsham District Council in 2013, NCB’s Assured Advice has become a key part of butcher’s shops throughout the country and now has a had a major make over.

NCB are launching a food safety management system specifically for butchers. Taking our existing assured advice, we have reviewed and reformatted it so that you now have a system which you can work through. As the only comprehensive advice designed specifically for butchers it provides key clarity on all aspects of food safety within your business.

Developed with our primary authority partners Horsham District Council, and our member advice service, Safer Food Scores, this is intended as a one-stop reference guide for you and your teams. It, provides the guidance to ensure that both compliance and best practice standards can be achieved in all areas of retail butchery.

‘This is essential information for butchers throughout England, providing all the information you need to ensure that your business is legally complaint. It offers protection on areas of your trade that EHOs may not fully understand and will help you train your team. Since NCB formed one of the country’s first coordinated partnerships we have been at the forefront of improving relationships between butchers and their EHOs whilst ensuring our members continue to meet their high standards through legislative changes.’

Richard Stevenson, NCB Technical Manager

‘NCB’s assured advice fits perfectly into our existing food management system and provides clarity on new legislation. It is an essential benefit to any craft butcher.’

John Mettrick, MB.Inst.M, NCB Legislation Director

Knowing how highly valued this member benefit is NCB announced last year that they are expanding their assured advice. Currently Welsh members can benefit from the advice but not the legal protection. NCB hopes to change that this year and is forming a partnership with a Welsh council.

Next to follow in England is Health and Safety Assured Advice. This is being developed as we write and is expected to launch in early summer. Our co-ordinated partnership with East Sussex Council for Trading Standards has now started and work will soon start on assured advice that will cover all areas of labelling, composition requirements (meat content etc.), plus weights and measures. Watch this space for more news on launch dates later in the year.  

Why being registered for NCB’s Primary Authority is vital for your business:

  • Greater clarity Provided you are following the Primary Authority Assured Advice and Guidance from NCB’s PA partners, other local authorities can’t ask you to do something different. If a local authority takes or proposes to take enforcement action against your business, and this would be inconsistent with Primary Authority Advice that you are following, your Primary Authority would be able to block the proposed action. In addition, if another local authority has a question about the advice, or a different interpretation of the law, the Primary Authority will liaise with them to resolve the matter.
  • Commercial Opportunities: This is important for all butchers but particularly so for those supplying or hoping to supply other businesses. Primary Authority registration can increase their confidence in your business and processes, as it can limit their liability and risk. This could make the difference between a prospective customer choosing you over another business to supply them.
  • EHO Confidence An EHO will judge your business against three criteria: Food Hygiene and Safety Procedures, Structural Requirements and Confidence in Management. Registration in Primary Authority and using the technical expertise of your trade association is a clear indication of good practice within your business and counts in your favour when EHOs are completing your scores.
  • Reduces costs For all businesses but especially those with multiple sites PA reduces the cost burden of trying to comply with different councils’ interpretations of the law, and ensures consistency across your business

As featured in Craft Butcher magazine Jan/ Feb 2023 edition.

If you are a National Craft Butchers member and would like to protect your business by upgrading your membership to include Primary Authority it’s easy to do. Simply call us on 01892 541412 and this can be arranged over the phone.

Any non-members wanting to know more about Primary Authority can call head office on the number above, where a member of the team will be happy to advise, or visit the NCB website,

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