National Craft Butchers Product Awards 2023

The first results are in for Butchery’s most coveted awards!

Today, Craft Butchers from England and Wales will receive their eagerly awaited results, from National Craft Butchers Product Awards. After being blind tasted by a team of expert judges, each butcher will find out if any of their products have scooped a prestigious gold, silver, or bronze awards.

NCB Product Awards has a meticulous judging process, with comprehensive blind taste-testing of all entries taking place at Harper Adams, by a panel of industry experts.

NCB Product Awards respected judging panel is made up of master butchers, and industry experts led by Head Judge Keith Fisher. This experienced panel, have tasted, and evaluated all entries, with our gold awards winners rejudged to grant the title of Category winner and Judges Choice. Only 39% of entrants received the desired gold award for their products.

What happens next?

NCB Product Award winners can now proudly display their certificates and digital logos on their award-winning products and digital platforms. The logo states the year and whether the product was awarded Gold, Silver, or Bronze. They will then find out in October whether their product gained one of the coveted Category Winner or Judges Choice awards. The categories, for which winners will be announced our Game Product, Celebration Wellington, Hot Eating Pie, Cold Eating Pie, Traditional Sausage, Innovative Sausage, Dry Cured Back Bacon, with the addition of our Judges Choice award.

Full Results

Gold Awards

Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesChuck Steak and Bowland Ale Pie
Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesFylde Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie
Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesPork (Farmhouse)
Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesPorchetta Wellington
Frank Parker Butchers LtdSmoked Black Treacle
Frank Parker Butchers LtdPlain Steak Pie
Frank Parker Butchers LtdStilton Pork Pie
Frank Parker Butchers LtdFrank’s Fiery Sausage
Martin Thomas ButchersRindless Air Dried Back Bacon
Martin Thomas ButchersRind on Air Dried Back Bacon
Martin Thomas ButchersPork ‘n’ Pancetta Pie
Martin Thomas ButchersPork ‘n’ Chorizo Pie
Martin Thomas ButchersTraditional Pork Pie
Carnivore Foods LtdTraditional Sausage
Carnivore Foods LtdKloneddys Sausage
Carnivore Foods LtdOnion Marmalade Sausage
Primrose HerdChorizo Hotdog
The British Premium Sausage CompanyGreat British Breakfast Sausage
The British Premium Sausage CompanyPork, Cheese & Jalapeno Sausage
The British Premium Sausage CompanyPork & Yorkshire Pale Ale Sausage
The British Premium Sausage CompanyPork, Red Wine & Fennel Sausage
Surrey Hills ButchersHogs Back Herbie Sausage
Surrey Hills ButchersVenison & Pork Kofta
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdLamb & Mint Pie
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdChicken & Chorizo Pork Pie
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdGluten free Taylors Sausage
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdStuffed Pheasant Breast
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdOriental Samurai Pork
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdRogan Josh Meatballs
W A Lidgates LtdBoeuf Bourguignon Pie
W A Lidgates LtdGuinea Fowl Kiev
W A Lidgates LtdFive Spice Pork Ribs Rack
Papworth Farms Butchers & GrazersPeddler Pork Pie
Papworth Farms Butchers & GrazersChampion Pork Sausage
Papworth Farms Butchers & GrazersBob Marley Sausage
Perrys of Eccleshall LtdShort Back Plain
Perrys of Eccleshall LtdGame Chorizo
Perrys of Eccleshall LtdVenison
Perrys of Eccleshall LtdEccleshall Game Surprise
Essington Farm LtdSmoked Dry Cured Back Bacon
Essington Farm LtdMexican Pork Sausage
Essington Farm LtdCheese & Chive Pork Sausage
Dennis of Bexley LtdSteak and Cheddar Pie
Dennis of Bexley LtdSteak and Mushroom Pie
Dennis of Bexley LtdLasagne
Tim Potter, Son & DaughterPotters Premium Pork Sausage
Tim Potter, Son & DaughterJalapeno & Red Leicester Pork Sausage
Tim Potter, Son & DaughterCountry Pork Sausage
R. Green & SonOak Smoked Home-cured Bacon
R. Green & SonPork with Chilli & Garlic Sausage
Greens of PangbourneChicken Curry Pie
Greens of PangbournePork Original Sausage
Greens of PangbourneBeef Wellington
Geo Middlemiss & SonChicken, Ham & Broccoli Pie
Geo Middlemiss & SonWharfedale Lamb Pie
Geo Middlemiss & SonPork Pie
Geo Middlemiss & SonGame Pie
Bosworths ButcherMaple Cured Smoked Bacon
Bosworths ButcherPork & Chilli Pie
Bosworths ButcherPork Sausage with Jalapeno & Cheese
Bosworths ButcherFlexitarian Pork with Mediterranean Vegetables
Kendalls Farm ButchersChicken, Ham, Leek & White Wine Pie
Kendalls Farm ButchersPork Pie
Kendalls Farm ButchersHog Roast Pie
The Gourmet ButcherThin Pork Sausage
The Gourmet ButcherSmoked Garlic & Horseradish Sausage
Chris Hayman ButchersChicken Tikka Masala
Morgan Country ButchersCreamy Garlic Chicken Supreme
J W Mettrick & Son LtdTreacle Dry Cured Back Bacon
J W Mettrick & Son LtdChicken, Ham & Broccoli Pie

Silver Awards

Frank Parker Butchers LtdFree Range Pork Sausage
The Wild Meat Company LimitedVenison Wellington
The Wild Meat Company LimitedVenison Wellington
The Wild Meat Company LimitedWild Boar Stir-Fry
Carnivore Foods LtdGreen Back Bacon
Primrose HerdSmoked Bacon
Primrose HerdUnsmoked Bacon
Primrose HerdCracked Black Pepper Sausage
Burtons ButchersAdnams Broadside Ale & Parsley Pork Sausage
G Debman Family ButchersItalian Flavoured Meat Balls
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdHomecured Smoked Back
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdMince & Onion Pie
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdSteak & Kidney Pie
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdMinted Lamb Wellington
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdTraditional Beef Wellington
W A Lidgate LtdSugar Pit Bacon
W A Lidgate LtdGloucester Old Spot
W A Lidgate LtdCumberland & Wild Garlic
W A Lidgate LtdOld English Sausage
W A Lidgate LtdRed Devil Sausages
Papworth Farms Butchers & GrazersSandringham Royal Sausage
T J Roberts & Son (Butchers)Steak, Ale & Mushroom Pie
T Buttling ButchersPork Pie
Perrys of Eccleshall LtdPork, Chilli & Chocolate
Essington Farm LtdDry Cured Back Bacon
Dennis of Bexley LtdPork, Paprika and Chill
Dennis of Bexley LtdBig Dennis Burger Sausage
Mike Smith & SonTreacle Cured Back Bacon
Mike Smith & SonTurkey, Ham & Leek Pie
Mike Smith & SonTraditional Pork Sausage
Mike Smith & SonFlitch Royale Sausage
Tim Potter, Son & DaughterTraditional Pork Sausage
Tim Potter, Son & DaughterPork & Leek Sausage
R. Green & SonLarge Steak Pie
Greens of PangbourneGreen Back Bacon
Geo Middlemiss & SonWharfedale Smoked Back Bacon
Geo Middlemiss & SonYorkshire Steak & Potato Pie
Bosworths ButcherPancetta with Juniper & Black Pepper
Bosworths ButcherMince Beef & Onion Pie
Bosworths ButcherTraditional Pork Pie
Bosworths ButcherCumberland Sausage
Bosworths ButcherBoerewors
Kendalls Farm ButchersSteak, Black Pudding and Guinness Pie
Kendalls Farm ButchersVenison, Claret Root Vegetables
The Gourmet ButcherBeef & Marmite Sausage
Morgan Country ButchersHome-cured Back Bacon
Morgan Country ButchersHome Oak Smoked Back Bacon
Morgan Country ButchersPork & Black Pudding Sausage

Bronze Awards

Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesPlain Back Bacon
Gigli’s Lytham St AnnesTreacle Back Bacon
Frank Parker Butchers LtdHoney and Mustard Sausage
Carnivore Foods LtdMeatballs in Tomato, Basil and Oregano sauce
Primrose HerdPork Sausage
B Curtis LtdHomemade Chicken & Ham Pie
B Curtis LtdDorset Naga Chilli Sausage
Burtons ButchersDouble Dry Cure Rosemary Smoked Back Bacon
The British Premium Sausage CompanyFree Range Pork Sausage
The British Premium Sausage CompanyGluten Free Cumberland Sausage
Surrey Hills ButchersVenison, Pork Belly & Caramelised Onion Sausage (Gluten Free)
G Debman Family ButchersSmoked Back Bacon
G Debman Family ButchersTraditional Pork Sausage
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdDambuster Sausage
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdTomato & Chorizo Sausage
Owen Taylor & Sons LtdVenison Steak
W A Lidgate LtdButty Bacon
W A Lidgate LtdChicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie
W A Lidgate LtdAngus Cheeseburger Sausage
W A Lidgate LtdChicken & Apple Sausages
W A Lidgate LtdSteak Teriyaki Stir-Fry
Johnsons of ThirskPork Pie
Johnsons of ThirskThick Pork Sausage
Johnsons of ThirskPizza Sausage
T J Roberts & Son (Butchers)Welsh Lamb & Vegetable Pie
T J Roberts & Son (Butchers)Pork Pie
T J Roberts & Son (Butchers)Huntsman Pie
T J Roberts & Son (Butchers)Traditional Pork Sausage
T Buttling ButchersWiltshire Pasty
Essington Farm LtdFree Range Pork Sausage
Dennis of Bexley LtdPloughman’s Pork Pie
Dennis of Bexley LtdTraditional Pork Sausage
Dennis of Bexley LtdPork, Leek and Pancetta
R. Green & SonHome-cured Bacon
R. Green & SonLamb & Mint Pie
R. Green & SonFarmhouse Pork Sausage
Bosworths ButcherTraditional Dry Cured
Bosworths ButcherSteak & Stilton Pie
Bosworths ButcherPork & Stilton Pie
Bosworths ButcherTraditional Pork Sausage
Bosworths ButcherOlde English Sausage
Kendalls Farm ButchersVenison, Belly & Marmalade Burgers
The Gourmet ButcherMini Beef Wellington
Chris Hayman ButchersWelsh Rarebit Sausage

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