Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs Information for Butchers 

Due to the prevalence of avian flu, free-range hens are currently having to be housed inside meaning that the legal definition of ‘free range eggs’ cannot be met. As this is hopefully a temporary situation, producers can continue to use free range packs however, each pack will be marked with the words ‘barn eggs’.  In addition, each egg will be marked with a number 2 to signify that it is a barn egg, for example 2UK54321, which is explained on each pack.

We advise NCB members to take this action:
  • If selling loose eggs from trays, these should now be labelled as ‘barn eggs’ in combination with point-of-sale material.
  • If free range egg’ is marked on your product labels, product lists etc., you do not currently need to change these but should use point-of-sale materials to correct the statement. 
  • If using temporary signs (e.g. wipe-clean daily boards) that can be easily changed, any reference to free-range eggs or products should be removed. 

More information can be found here:

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