Effective waste management hints and tips

Effective waste management hints and tips

With the weather starting to heat up, here’s some top tips from our Preferred Partner, Unyfi, who are waste management experts, to make sure your bins are in tip top condition.

✔️ Do you segregate your waste properly? As landfill tax incredibly high, all businesses will financially benefit by reducing the volume of “black bag” waste that is generated. Most waste contractors will be able to provide a variety of bin sizes for each type of waste you generate.

✔️ Does your current waste contractor/s clean your bins out regularly or provide bin liners for organic material? All food waste contractors should provide bin liners for organic material bins, and some waste contractors will clean your bins out regularly, check with your current waste contractor to find out if this is a service they offer. 

✔️ Does your current waste contractor provide a waste transfer note or duty of care certificate? For every non-hazardous load of waste removed from your business’ premises you must have a waste transfer note or duty of care certificate. Your waste collector is legally bound to provide you with a duty of care certificate. These need to be kept for 2 years by law.

✔️ Are your bins lockable and kept in a secure place to avoid public contamination?

✔️ The waste produced from animal-by-products must be kept in designated containers labelled as ‘not for human consumption’ and ‘category 3 material.’ Only someone who is confirmed to dispose of it through an approved process should be allowed to collect it. You (the waste producer) hold the responsibility under Duty of Care to be aware of the disposal route and premises.  

✔️ Are you doing a quarterly waste management checklist? This will not only ensure you remain complaint with ever increasing checks being done by the environmental agencies, but it will also ensure you are sticking to “best practice”.

Members can download a copy of a waste management checklist from Unyfi’s Partner page in the members area: Unyfi – National Craft Butchers

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