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Brexit For Butchers


Trade from 1st January 2021
With no-deal looking more likely it is possible we will see price and supply volatility in the New Year.
Let us know your experiences and we will feed this into discussions with government officials.
Labelling Changes
Unless you export to an EU country, or supply another business in Northern Ireland, there are no immediate changes to consider.
For food sold domestically within GB there is to be a period of adjustment until 30 September 2022.
The government have stressed that any required labelling changes will be implemented in a way which supports businesses as they adapt to changing requirements over time.
There are very few changes or new requirements affecting loose weight sales or foods pre-packed for direct sale. Changes on pre-packs are also minimal and involve:
• FBO name and address
• EU Logo
• EU Organic Logo
• Country of Origin
• Health and ID Marks (see below)
We will inform all members in good time on the full details of these changes. You can access the current government guidance “Food and drink labelling changes from 1 January 2021” HERE
This document also includes further links to various connected information including guidance to businesses who export to EU countries or Northern Ireland.
Health and Identification Marks
• New arrangements for approved slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat products/preparations premises start at 11pm GMT on 31 December 2020.
• The main alteration will be changing EU for GB. 
• Products already “placed on the market” will not need re-labelling/stamping if still in transit or being marketed by the end user.
• Identification marks on labels etc fixed to packaging/wrapping on meat products intended for domestic market only (Not for Export) will not need to change immediately on News Year Eve. There will be an adjustment period of 21 months.
• New GB labels will become compulsory on 1st October 2022, but businesses can introduce new labelling at any stage during the adjustment period.
• Health stamps on carcases, applied by FSA will change on 31 December 2020.
• There are slightly different arrangements for trade with Northern Ireland. 
Employing Foreign Nationals (including EU nationals)
Immigration and employment law is changing. Please see the advice from Peninsula here:

Winners of Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 revealed

Winners of Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 revealed

 Winners of Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 revealed

The winners of the Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 have been revealed during an online ceremony presented by Olympic medallist, Katharine Merry and Meat Management publisher, Graham Yandell.
Congratulations from National Craft Butchers to all the winners, with a special mention to National Craft Butchers member – 
Katie Potter, winner of The Rising Star Award
The 2020 winners are:
Meat Businesswoman Award – Trade Body: Margaret Boanas, chairman, International Meat Trade Association (IMTA).
Meat Businesswoman Award – Foodservice: Tracey Gardner, account director, Fairfax Meadow.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Retailing: Tricia Sykes, senior manager – technical and quality, meat fish and poultry, Asda.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Training and Education: Georgina Corbett, shift manager, butchery academy area leader, Cranswick plc.
The Rising Star Award: Katie Potter, butcher, Tim Potter Son & Daughter Ltd.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Industry Supplier: Dr Fiona Roberts, technical supply chain analyst, Foods Connected.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Manufacturing/Processing: Mairéad McCullough, site technical manager, ABP.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Craft Butchery: Rachel Godwin, company director/head butcher, Alternative Meats Ltd.
Meat Businesswoman Award – Wholesaling: Melanie Greaves, director/owner, T&G Wholesale Meats Ltd.
Meat Businesswoman of the Year: Margaret Boanas – IMTA chairman.
Full background information about the winners, as well as details of the finalists can be found in the December edition of Meat Management magazine both in print and online within the e-magazine, which can be viewed here.
Graham Yandell, publisher of Meat Management magazine, said: “Despite the extraordinary challenges we have all faced this year, it was great to be able to recognise many talented people who make up our industry.
“Although Covid-19 guidelines prevented us from staging a physical ceremony, the online format, along with the help of our special guest host, Katharine Merry, allowed us to truly appreciate the hard-work and dedication of the 51 finalists plus the category winners.
Winner of the Meat Businesswoman of the Year Margaret Boanas added: “I am delighted to accept this award, and to see women being recognised in our industry. Research acknowledges that companies with women in senior management roles perform better than those without, we need the brightest and best across all sectors in order to deal with the challenges we are facing.”