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REMINDER: Carrier Bag Charges from 21st May

REMINDER: Carrier Bag Charges from 21st May

In England small business’s (under 250 employees) have been exempt from the “tax” since the measure was first introduced 5 years ago, although some have decided to introduce a charge on a voluntary basis.

As from the 21st of May (delayed from April) small businesses will no longer be exempt and the charge will double to 10p.

Bags charged for must be:
• Previously unused
• Plastic and 70 microns thick or less
• Have handles, an opening and is not sealed
NB You are not required to charge for bags that are “considered as sealed packaging for mail order and click-and-collect orders”.

The proceeds are not collected by the government and instead businesses are encouraged to donate the monies collected to good causes. The government asks larger retailers to keep records and report each year on what they do with the money. The government then publishes an annual summary of how many bags have been sold, and the quantity of plastic saved from contaminating the environment, as well as how much money has been donated to worthwhile causes.
Small businesses are exempt from the record -keeping and reporting requirement but if you do wish to donate to local causes an easy and efficient way to keep track is add a carrier bag button to your till.
There is also an exemption for bags only containing raw foods, including meat/meat products, whether already wrapped or not, in recognition of the food safety risk.
There is currently no exemption for biodegradable bags due to technical difficulties of measuring the actual biodegrade ability of different materials. Arrangements in Wales remain unchanged.


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