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ORFC Small Abattoir Highlights

Oxford Real Farming Conference Highlights for Small Abattoirs

The small abattoir sector will be encouraged by comments by speakers at the ORFC session on small abattoirs run by SFT. Comments by an American abattoir owner on using animal by-products in manufacture pet food products and composting were very interesting.

Emily Miles, FSA CEO, acknowledged that the one size fits all approach to abattoir regulation needed review and was being looked at under operational transformation. Emily also intimated that government agencies needed to coordinate more in data sharing and in respect of providing consumers with information about their food.

A Pasture Fed Livestock Association supported project on hides to leather from local farms and small abattoirs was encouraging.

Marisa Heath gave an outline of the new Abattoir Sector Group which NCB are members of and asked for interested parties to support the group and involve their local MP’s.

The sector group is looking to help develop an environment where small abattoirs are sustainable into the future so farmers have access to their services and the public have access to local meat.

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