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Beef Eating Quality Project Survey

NCB Members

We are asking you to participate in an important survey concerning beef production.

The purpose of the survey is to provide the BeefQ - Beef Eating Quality project with an understanding of the wider beef industry's current perception of beef eating quality and the desire for a shift from current methods of valuing beef to one based on predicted eating quality, how this could be implemented in practice, and the barriers perceived in doing so.

The BeefQ project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through the Welsh Government, to develop and test a beef eating quality prediction system for Wales.  The eating quality potential of cattle is determined at conception and maintaining that potential to ensure delivery of a consistent, quality beef eating experience to consumers, involves everyone subsequently involved in the beef supply chain. 

The BeefQ project has been working with industry partners to develop a system to predict the eating quality of beef during processing – this information, as demonstrated very successfully in countries such as Australia, can be used to guarantee a specific eating quality experience to consumers and therefore build greater confidence in the product. 

The BeefQ project is now consulting with the broader beef industry to identify, if and how a beef eating quality prediction and reward system could be implemented in the UK. 

To contribute your views – please complete the following short survey by
30th April 2021.

A bi-monthly BeefQ Newsletter can also be viewed and subscribed to at: